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It keeps exiting out

U gei

U gei


This iz a cool 1st or 3rd shooter game that iz so cool I’m so good at it that I never ever lost and always I get 1st place on squad you explore different guns that you can learn about and add scopes with quick draws that you can apply super cool

Fix the driving please! (Edited)

Every time I try and play on my 6s every near by vehicle that moves crashes my phone entirely. I can’t do anything at all because of the vehicles crashing my phone all the time. This was fixed after my 10th or so log on so I’m completely fine now and the updates are doing well so far. Keep it up! 😁

Best game

Game of the year

Amazing, not many complaints

I absolutely love this game. I got in on Xbox and got the occasional lag there, I have the X though so, but not here to speak of that. Even on my old iPhone 6, this game runs extremely smooth. Low graphics doesn’t matter anyway because I can’t help it, it still looks and plays great. This is one of my favorite games to date and people should play this a lot if they don’t already, at least in my opinion. Although, there are two things that I will complain about. When you get a crate, it’s extremely rare to get something I don’t already have, and I don’t have much. The chances need to be improved to get other things. Also, the general lag and the lag I sometimes get even on my iPad mini 4 with a 4x and 8x scope. It’s rare, extremely but sometimes even after the update optimizing those things, I still get the lag. Other then that however, I don’t have any complaints. All in all it’s a great game. This is all I play on my phone and iPad a lot.

Wowww awesome

I love it ... i play it every single day


So laggy but great game



Great Game For Friends

Its doesnt even feel like you are on your phone playing made so many friends

Pubg mobile


Great game

It’s a great game but your forgetting something you need to add first person

Server lost problem

Sometimes the game can’t open

Great game but..

I’ve been playing this game since it came out in App Store and I love t but now for some reason my game freezes on the login screen it shows the loading symbol but frozen

Please let me download game off network

Cannot download unless on WiFi unlike Fortnite which has a bigger download and still lets me do it. What’s the point of making a game that can’t be truly mobile


The lagging in this game is awful. Make sure you have great connection before playing this game

FPS mode

Awesome game, love playing with friends. But if you add FPS mode, that would be awesome

Love the new surprises...except not being able to start the game half the time

I have an IPhone, and the start screen freezes almost every other time when trying to start the game. It is EXTREMELY frustrating, and I wish that the updates would fix this IOS issue. The game is fantastic once I finally get to play!

Fix this game!

Hope you fix this game, it always kicking me out!

Would be good

The game constantly freezes up and crashes. Once fixed it will be a great game. This game constantly freezes almost every game. So annoying

The game glitching

I love this game but it glitches way to much and they need to resolve these issues.

This game is a suicide app

This game is actually going to get to commit suicide if I don’t see improvements

Pls Read and Fix Issues

————————————————————————————————————————Summery: ———————————————————————————————————————— • Amazing game. Much less tedious than the PC verson, not to mention you can actually OPEN the crates without having to pay tons of real cash for boots you already own! • The only major issues are the games non-stop crashing, sometimes laggy servers(which were improved), very buggy when shooting from a vehicle, and the stupid crates that are ALL trials. Other than that it is amazing, and takes up very little when using data. ———————————————————— ————————————————————Details: ———————————————————————————————————————— • So, another review of mine calling for much needed maintenance. Well, first things first. It might as well say you need an iphone 6s and up, because on iphone 6 it crashes for about 20 minutes before you can play (sometimes you get lucky and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but it depends on what has been or is running in the background of your phone). Of course the problem is in the RAM of the phone, so its not entirely a PUBG issue, but it would be nice if there was something devs could do to make the game a little less stressfull on the bootup. • Servers are smooth, however when the servers lag, there is a HUGE lag spike. That also brings my attention to vehicles. If the game lags and you are in a vehicle, you are almost always dead, because there is about 30 second waiting period before the servers start responding again. • There is also an annoying bug with vehicles when you shoot. The vehicle aim is almost impossible to use, and constantly changes the point of where you see you are shooting from where the game registers you are shooting. • Well a very annoying thing in this game is trials for outfits. Yes... TRIALS! FOR OUTFITS! Its insane. I have about maybe 20 tial crates that I refuse to open. I get so many so quickly, and they are so useless, its like getting nothing. The trials arent that good, and the timer on them is sometimes broken so you dont even get them for the right number of days. If there was a way to sell them or trade them for ACTUAL crates, that would be amazing, because I am never going to open my trial crates even if it is a 2 million day trial. They are literally the worst reward in the game.

Fix it

Every time I open the app it black out

I can’t download it even with wi fi wth

It won’t load the blue thing even though I have won fi

please fix the frame dropping

im using an ipad mini 4 and the game keeps on frame dropping, even with the lowest graphics, fix this game please

Best game ever👍🏻

But we want to put the Arabic language thank you❤️

Wait to login

“Wait 4m to logon again” I HAVENT EVEN LOGGED IN YET THOUGH “Network error, login failed” and now I have to wait ANOTHER 4m even though I have FULL BARS

Great game

I like it you get lots of life nd the guns are accurate


Best game ever


Demasiado errores tarda mucho al entrar por que se cierra y se frisa cuando se montan al carro

Absolute Trash

This game has its ups and downs. On one hand, it is very very entertaining, the thrill of getting your first win is a feeling that money cannot buy. However, it is shadowed by the long load time (3~5 minutes) and the intense lag throughout matches. You will be shooting a guy and in a blink of an eye, he/she one shots you while you are currently wearing a LEVEL 3 HELMET. The weapon system is absolute nonsense, the lag is ridiculous, this game is very broken. I’ve played this game since launch, and the new update completely ruined it. “THE AWM IS THE STRONGEST SNIPER RIFLE IN THE GAME” yet when you use it, it takes 3 shots to THE HEAD. Just buff the weapons okay. If you say the AWM sniper is the strongest gun in the game, make it! They say this is a “realistic” shooter but I don’t see the realism. Oh and don’t even get me started on the intense crashes and lag on the home screen. I don’t know if it’s because I have a IPhone 6 but still, it should run smoothly. Another thing, I refuse to spend money on these little buck things on crates so I can get some cosmetic item. There should be a way to convert your BP into another currency but considering how every single developer on the App Store is emptying my wallet faster than a piggy bank being broken, I’d say the odds are 1 out of 10,000. I love this game but just fix the game overall. Side note: fix the bugs, glitches and overall game, I should not be launching 500 feet in the air after my bike hits another vehicle. This game is just agitating and aggravating. Also, if you have an armor system, make it actual armor because it feels like I’m wearing a tin foil hat when I put on a level 3 helmet yet my opponent is wearing a helmet made out of VIBRANIUM when they are wearing a level one helmet. If you want a game that will get your blood pressure up and make you question every single decision you’ve made, this is the game for you.

Great game, but some flaws

This game is awesome and one of the most fair FPS games I’ve played on a mobile device. However some work needs to be done that the game designers have been failing to address. First, there should be some kind of system that prevents players from using cheats that give them advantages over other players. Secondly, a huge issue that I have is there are several bugs that cause the game to freeze while trying to load it. Sometimes it loads fine and runs fine, but other times it freezes and the app must be restarted. I’ve had this issue both with trying to load the game and while playing the game. Thirdly, it would be great if a option in settings could be same platform or all platforms on or off to prevent mobile users from facing users playing on computers which give the player a higher advantage. I have several online games with this option in settings and it would be a great addition to this game. Lastly, there is a bug that needs fixing where players on same team will freeze if they get too close to each other and will not be able to separate from each other even though they are still online and not afk. Also it would be nice if the game could weed out afk players and let players that are actually online join the waiting room to prevent squads from being short handed and to prevent squads from getting stuck with afk players. (I will say though it’s fun to get easy kill if you find the afk players-the least I’ve found is 5.)


When I first played this game it was fun and worked but now it always freakin crashes and never lets me get past the 2 loading when the people are in the car. This game is crap Fortnite where better than this thing will ever be.

Love Hate

I actually love this game. But all the server errors and getting kicked randomly from games makes it unplayable.

Great Game! BUT NEED HELP!

The graphics and gameplay appeal highly toward the players. However, since the new update came out I have been unable to download/update the app. 😫 I would love to play the new update, especially with the new map, and I hope if anyone can give me advice on how to solve this problem. It has been more than a week since the newest update has been released and the game is full bugged for me. Rendering the game unplayable because it cannot be updated. PLS HELP

Fun game but full of bugs

I have recently re-downloaded this game and it will not even let me login to it. I am hooked up to fast WiFi and it still says “login failed, check your connection and try again”.... please fix this ASAP

Good But...

This is a good and fun game but it won’t load and it kicks me out.


This game is awesome. You just need a descent phone to get the full gameplay out of it. But it’s one of the best battle royal games on mobile. I rate it better than fortnite mobile

Server issue?

I feel like something really gotta be messed up because I’ve been playing fine for a while and now I can’t stay in a server more than 5 minutes and sometimes it even kicks me before we are on the plane?

Perfect game for mobile

Pubg is a battle royale where you can team up to 4 people to fight against other teams. The controls are super good and the gameplay is also very very good! Amazing graphics (if you do not have a high end phone the graphics are still really good). The game is really fun, I always play solo or with my friends. You can drive vehicles and snipe people from the highest mountains. Specially the new map that was recently added was a game changer! The map is so huge and awesome. You can snipe people or go around eliminating other teams! Also there is no first person unfortunately, but if it was possible to be added, the game would be even better than it already is! I recommend to download!

My wins don’t show

I had won like 10 or more times and I check my status and it shows that I got no wins can you fix that please I love this game!!

Great Game....but.....

I love this game and me and my friends play all the time but my server crashes every time I try to engage in combat and randomly when I move around. And I tried deleting and re-downloading the game but it still crashes.


We need more updates and more realistic sounds update the game more often and make it the best it can be with pc version

Can’t change name:/

When I entered the app I was automatically assigned the name G8008716315 with no option to change it.. it never asked me to enter a name either. Not sure why this happened but I do love the game just REALLY annoyed about this.

Answer please!

Is these game works in iphone 5s??


It’s lags so much when I enter a match and people kill me easily

Excessive Internet Usage

It takes me so laggy even though my wifi n phone is healthy

New mode?

Love the game and the combat mechanics but I’ve been wondering for a while will a first person mode be added to the game?

Like lag? Then you’ll love this game

Legend has it that once every 1,000 moons one chosen hero will be able to actually see himself/herself die in this game. I don’t believe it. Every time I’ve ever died while playing this game I’ve been running around, doing my thing, then suddenly the game lags and, once it stops lagging, I find that I’ve conveniently been killed during that time. Seriously please fix this broken game

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