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This game is all I have

I love this game but I can’t download

I tried downloading the game and I had more than enough storege but it won’t work

The update makes lootboxes even better!

I loved this game to death, and with the new update adding free coupons you work for with achievements, I have yet to spend a dime but still have lots of legendary gear!


the game is super awesome but the GB is too BIG. have to delete

Amazing but somethings wrong?

Now this game is awesome! I love how you have vehicles and other things but it needs some improvements like how some weapons might be better than others but you wouldn’t know cause most of them look the same it’s way to easy to win it takes like 30 shots for a enemy to kill you and it takes 6 to kill then I mean it’s good to win but fair for them? But rather than that I think the game is good back to play pubg!

Few things should be fixed

Great game, beats Fortnite any day. But tell me how I get 2 head shot hit markers with the SLR rifle on someone wearing a level one helmet?? The hit marker count is way too high with the snipers even with good accuracy. Then I get hit one time in the head with level 3 helmet even after full health and taken adrenaline and I’m knocked down immediately. Smh.

Friends uwu

Would really love an option to select multiple friends to delete at a time because it is very hard to scroll all the way down to find people who have been inactive for 100 days and see another person who has been inactive for 86 days but having to choose which one to delete just to track the other one down which takes around 10 minutes. SAD.

Please add ragdoll like in pc and the clothes on pc

I want ragdoll deaths like in Pc it looks funny and makes it better also add the clothes they got on pc to mobile it could give people more fashion ideas and better looks which would make the game even more better


Only fun to kill teammates

The Game You Must Have!

This is going to stay on mine forever! Great Game!

A very fun mobile game.

Prolly the most I’ve played a mobile game with that said in future updates I’d like too see a custom T shirt where you and your clan/crew can have team shirts.

Rip Fortnite Mobile

Pubg Ended Fortnite On Mobile

Was a good game

It was a good game before but now all you see are hackers and glitches along with stupid times where you can play certain arcade modes. Also whenever you are in war mode it kills your phone making everything choppy and when you report it you would have to wait for a pretty long time for them to answer

Great game but

This was a good game when it first came out idk what they did but lag and gun damage is just so bad now

Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

I do like Fortnite, but the Mobile version is horrible. The FPS is bad, the controls are just as bad, and there are way to many tryhards in that community. In my opinion, this game has a better community, and it is way more fun on mobile. The FPS is way better, better graphics controls, better game controls, and just more fun overall. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME


I crash when there is a car near me Fix it



Game is great

Unfortunately the audio driver crashes the whole game now that I’ve updated iOS. Can’t use a vehicle and can’t be in audio range of any enemy vehicle or allied vehicle. Turning off SFX works but you can’t play this game competitively without hearing shots and footsteps.

Super great but.............................

This game definitely destroys Fortnite but I can’t go in FPS mode on training grounds even when I go in FPS mode and Press training grounds I’m still in TPP. Please fix it then I will rate it five ;)

Best Game Ever

PUBG Mobile is soo addictive. When I saw this games I thought there one of those rip off games. But now I don’t like Fortnite even more, it’s just not my interest. So every morning I just play, play, play.😏 Also, the new War Mode is just awesome. It’s like a training mode for different guns other than the hand guns. But it would be cool if they have the crossbow version.

Problem solved

I used to have a crashing problem with this game but since the new update it has not crashed. The game is really fun. Good work!


Can you change the update problem PLZ

The bugs on your game are terrible

This game to me is straight up bad


If this game can play with xbox one players. That would be awesome👍🏽 hopefully we will see this kind of update soon


Good game though

This part of the game makes me mad

So I love this game and I love the fact I can play it on my phone or tablet, but the game is unfair to its players by letting people use a mouse and keyboard set up to play and won’t let us use are wireless/Bluetooth controls, I would love to be able to use are controls on this game, if they update this to be able to have control support I will come back and change the rating on this comment

Fortnite is better XD

Fortnite is better lol

New Beta

I downloaded the new beta and now it takes me back to the old version and doesn’t let me log in so I can no longer play the game. I tried downloading it again, the beta’s not an option anymore, meaning PUBG won’t work on my phone anymore just because I can’t download the beta.

Where is update


Much funner than Fortnite

Keep the new weapons and accessories coming. The game is fun and easy to play , I just wish it was PSN compatible.

I love PUBG soo much!

PUBG is now my favorite game of all time and it absolutely destroys fortnite. The only things I want are: Better graphics and a new map. For graphics, I have an iPhone 6 and I have low graphics and the highest I can go is balanced (in settings). I would like better graphics and for it not to lag when I turn up the graphics. Next, a new map. I know making a new map is TONS and TONS of hard work but to have only two maps makes you get bored quicker. Like for example I’ll play Erangle five times and then mirimar like 10 times. Then I go back to Erangle, get bored, and log off. With another map, you can keep on playing without getting bored. But pubg is hands down the best game I have ever played in my life. Keep it up!

Top players in server Europe hacker

Top player in server Europe hacker I played with top 1 - 2 - 3 used hack 😒👎🏻

The glitches

The game is cool but the glitches gotta go

Great game makes fortnite cry

Great game keep up the good work

Season 3??????

Says season 3 was supposed to be out on the 18th... didn’t come out at midnight (my time, but not much of a surprise. So I stayed up all night since I looked it up and people were saying it may come out at 4am since time zones. But nope, and now it’s 12:30 and people are saying it’s coming out tomorrow now??? Idk if my phone is just trippin but whereeeee’s the update... fav game tho just ready for something new. Plus I’ve been hearing people already have it ?

The game freezes.

When ever i try to drive/get near a car me and my friends game freezes every time. Im using iphone 6s plus and my friend using iphone 6 thr game freezes everytime we try to drive a car. Its so annoying. We got 5 place because of this. Please fix this

Some minor improvements

I absolutely love this game, I play it every day! But there is some things that I wish were in the game and just some color fixtures here and there. First of all feel like some of the skins for guns should be lighter or more visible (especially the hot pizza skin for the uzi). Also is possible that you could add a button so we can change to first person and third person mid game so it’s easier to record this game and easier to play. Also I’d recommend adding a better field of vision so when a airdrop is dropping it’s easier to see when up close (when it’s close to the ground). But I really do love this game just i feel like it needs more of the computer pubg aspects

I hate hackers

Please block all hackers. They’re destroyed this beautiful game

I love pubg!❤️❤️❤️

Such a amazing game nothing is wrong with it well to me so fun it never gets boring! I can play forever!! Pubg is better than Fortnite, Fortnite is a total ripoff pubg is just a better way to play with friends,I recommend Pubg than Fortnite.

Great game but

It’s a really great game I like what you guys did. But the thing I’m wanting to see is more bp credit crates like you only have one and there’s no point of getting it really.So you guys should get more bp credit crates but in all really great game if you haven’t played it or is thinking about playing it do it.

Just fix the bugs when finishing a game

When a game finishes it freezes fix that

Great game but needs more

This game is great in all but it would be way more fun if it had more landscapes instead of just the dessert and the hills maybe add a jungle and a winter time one. Also i think it would be great if it switched between night and day. Just some thoughts.. :)

القمر القمر

والله هل اللعبه ادمااااااان موطبيعيه

Add in like zombies

Sorry if you can not because fortnite yeah well try to add it

When the next update it posts



Lately, I’ve encountered so many Hackers, (No recoil, or can’t see trees or bushes etc.) And so I’ve died so many times to these people. Please , let us have a way to report these players so they can get banned and removed , and let us have a decent game. Also, I’ve had so many times that I get stuck between a crate , and there’s no way out. I’ve submitted so many screenshots of my experience and it still happens. I lost over all 200 points to this problem. One last thing, please fix the lag on IPads. It makes my game so slow , I can’t walk or drive a car. Even at times while driving , the game itself kicks me out while I’m driving and when I come back I already died in the game. Please fix pubg mobile and make it better.

8x scoop doesnt go ok akm or m14 anymore

The game is good and everything but with new update the 8x scoop cant be equipped on AKM and M14. I guess its a bug. Can you fix that please.

Amazing game

Amazing game, but i should be above the bronze rank, im not able to get out of it for some reason, its just glitched for me. Still good game, got like 6 solo squad wins

Good concept

Too big of a map for 100 players need to add 150-200 players per match. Takes forever to find someone.🤦🏽‍♂️

never banned cheater

this game is nice but too many cheater & never banned.please don't play this game.

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