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Bots ruin the gameplay

This game is very fun when I play competitively with my friends. The downside about this game is that 75% of the players in every match I played with are bots. Even if I’m in Platinum or gold, I still encounter A LOT of bots in every match. The bots ruin the challenging experiencing for me and my friends. It used to be fun when we first played until we realize the common behavior of the bots in this game. I don’t understand why Tencent Mobile developers would add bots into the match. It’s not a bot match, it’s a multiplayer pvp match with REAL players. Removing bots will improve the gameplay overall and make it more challenging. Plus, more people will play your game if it’s without the bots.

Nice game but so many flaws

Pubg has always been a solid first person shooter battle Royale and it’s really fun to play on mobile with friends and on the go especially with the update and the new weapons but I’ve ran into so many hackers and bots and glitches and lag that people are executing these glitches for example I ran into a guy who actively lagged switched and one shot people you guys need to fix this stuff in the next update


Hey guys I would really appreciate if you could add the + scope for coyote sites or like red dot sights thank you I would appreciate it and also I love your game keep up the work keep it alive I am loyal to your game🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💯💯💯


I love the app it’s just that the points. Like wow you gain alittle bit of points but loose a lot like what the hack is that fix it give more points out.

my essay on cletus

i like cheese

Support I phone 6 PLEASE

I love this game but I can’t play it on my I phone 6 it’s a great on the go time killer PLEASE tencent support 6

We want arabic language ☹️

Please add arabic language

Muy bueno es un excelente juego!!!!

Más mapas!!!


احلى لعبه ب٢٠١٨


I honestly don’t even like playing games, especially shooting games but PUBG man it gets to you LOL I’m so addicted to this game like I have to play at least once a day, I even played with my friends for 5+ hrs straight. This game worked really well in the beginning but after the updating to season 2, the team audio chat doesn’t work. I constantly have to refresh during the game so that I could talk to my team and it happens so much that it starts to get annoying. Also pubg takes up so much space LOL like almost three gb and it causes my phone to overheat in a short amount of time. But other than these problems pubg is great! The graphics are really good and it’s really well designed! This game is addicting.

On Point

Everything is on point (on everything) Creps are looking Gucci Sharp is all I want until it suits me (ey) Everything is on point (yuh, yuh) Show the 'Gram for how I'm living Can't complain on how my people winning Everything is on point (skrt skrt skrt skrt) Yeah my GG looking glorious If I die, I know I'll die notorious Everything is on point (skrt skrt skrt skrt) Apex looking like my natural Flyin' everywhere, I'm international Everything is on

لعند ايري

اول شي كس أمكم بايري ع هيك لعبه بتنتاك كل خمس دقايق بدها تحديث ٥٦٥ ميغا ادحشو تحديثكم بكس اختكم ايري فيكم وفيها وبتحديث اختكم كسها صار قديم بدو تعديل شفرات

Wait time after new update is ridiculous

This is one of the best first person/third person shooting games around but after latest update, queue time to get into game is ridiculous. I do not have time to wait 5 to 7 mins for a game to start; to make it worst, I tried 2 times to wait through this and it prompts me cannot find games. With these wait times, the game is not enjoyable anymore.


Porque no puedo aser la atualisasion

Lost it all

I live for this game and i love it but recently when I tried to play my account seems to logout by it self when I tried to login through Facebook my account seemed lost why ?? I logged in twice and forth I don’t want to register a new account! i want my old account back and i tried to contact costumer service through the game they ask for my email but they don’t answer nor write anything to retrieve it i want my account back although i payed for royalpass in my previous account

Bad game

Every time I play Pubg I get my friends Pubg is a pretty good game but every time I play it.It is going to say I need to update it but when I update it won’t update I like fortnite is a great game better then pubg. Y’all game severs Betta work if it don’t work I am telling everyone that this game is not good and it is not working it have severs.

One more map!!!

Add a city map based like New York Miami or Chicago also make it a bit like call of duty and maybe add support streaks of some kind


Can you add 50vs50 that will be awesome and reckless

Ditto “great game but...”

This would get 5 stars as (embarrassed to admit this but...) I play this almost everyday. However, a few times I have been the “winner winner chicken dinner” and haven’t gotten the points awarded me. It’s frustrating because I’m trying to climb the ladder and get to the “crown” level and the company won’t even respond to my messages to them about fixing it. I spend money on the game and tell people to play it, yet I get nothing back. Hey company... Respond to my situation and maybe you’ll get 5 stars!

Games unfinished!

The characters are missing there gloves and the rest of the outfit itself Doesn’t really give the full experience you know.

Best game but one problem

It’s the best game ever but when I need to update it it won’t let me, and it doesn’t let me use my linked account

Please makes it work

It won’t work

Great game.

This would of had a 5 if they fix the frame rate issues in some region severs, but beside that the gameplay is decent and the customizable controls are great.

Can I please get some help

I got perma banned on my Game Center account for having an “unofficial” app or something like that and also for hacking when I did not do anything I was just playing a match with my friend so can I please get some help to get me unbanned pease I would appreciate it very much it is my favorite game to play and now I cant

A new mode

Y’all should add a new zombie mode to the game.


It’s not working

Everything is good, but

It needs more stable and smoother. plz make this game better

لا تعمل

منذ يومين و اللعبة لا تعمل فعند دخولي لتطبيق اللعبة يقوم بالخروج تلقائيا فور دخولي لها أتمنى حل المشكلة بأقرب وقت


This game is okay. I hate the fact I don’t get protected, when I disconnect. And it takes forever to download!

USED TO BE a good game

When it first came out, it did not have a lot of bugs, glitches and even hackers. I don’t usually play shooting games but this game did grab my attention, and I would have given 5 stars since it is a nicely made game. During the course, the app has gone through several updates, and I feel that every update there is more and more glitches and bugs. Not sure if they have those minor bugs in mind when they update the game since it gets worse everytime. Also, updates consume HUGE space on my phone. This app is not a small app. The biggest issue I currently have with the app is that there are MANY hackers that use scripts in the game. If I had seen improvements or good action against those hackers by the developers, I would still have loved the game. However, I see no improvement on that issue and see the same hacker quite often despite the reports I submit after the game. Conclusion: If the developers find a way to eliminate the hackers and improve bugs and glitches, this would be a game I would recommend. BUT not recommended for now.

The app closes on me!

I really like playing this game so I updated it. After updating the app, it opens but then it quickly closes it. I don’t want to uninstall the app and then reinstall it because it may delete my progress.



PUBG not working after update

PUBG crashes as soon as starting the app. Even wit the New iOS update and PUBG update.

Crashing app

Crashing app after updating iOS its won’t working. Please solve


I can’t Ins this game My memory It’s bad :(

Good game - rubber bullets

First off this game is great but sometimes I feel like my bullets just tickle the enemy and their weapons kick me in the face (Example I had a scar and was shooting this guy around 75 meters away and he has a shot gun and kills me with only 3 shots!, I was wearing lvl2 helmet and lvl2 chest piece and was aiming dead on at him. Please make the game a little more realistic plz

Good game

It’s a good game easy controls but if you can just make the graphics a bit better cause that is what throws of PUBG so if you can do that that would be AMAZING the game is awesome like literally almost all of my family members play it my dad plays it his brother plays it my moms sister plays it my moms other sister plays it her husband plays it and now I do so that shows that people do like this game us much as the others!

Always server timeout during playing

Same as title

To many updates

This is by far my favorite game on the iPhone but I don’t have WiFi at my house and with all these huge updates I never get to play the game. I updated this yesterday and now there’s another update stopping me from playing again... (update) I have WiFi now and the game is still awesome, but it’s definitely not for you if you don’t have good internet connection.

I like it but...

I actually like the game and stuff and the kills but it is just too easy on Mobile there is no challenge it’s all ran by NPC.

Won’t load

Doesn’t even load

No puedo comprar

Quiero comprar unos billetes en el juego y no puedo, me dice que me dirija a una pagina con support de apple. Pensé que era un problema en mi tarjeta, y le agregué dinero a mi cuenta de apple directamente y tampoco puedo comprar en el juego!

Great but!!

I love this game the game keeps crashing. Fix it guys. One star till u fix it.




While I was playing. Well it had 12 people alive. And while I was driving in the Jeep. I went into this little town are whatever. And while I was going to the town. It threw me up in the air... and I died :/ I’m kinda disappointed what happens. Plus sorry for my grammar. I haven’t learned grammar in school yet.

Crash issue

I can’t play on my iPhone SE... please fix this issue. It keeps crashing after it was last restarted by the update

Way better than Fornite

Fort nite is childish and cartoonists and this gane is a realistic replica of war.

لعبة ممتعة

ادمان اللعبه

New update

Game, should be hurry to update during have any new feature of gameplay. PUBG PC and Mobile is the best game on the world also I’m the one supporter of all new releases. Love, like, play Enjoy with the party friends,

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