PUBG Mobile Examine App

Cool game

First time playing a shooting game, it’s been cool. Only thing, I didn’t realize at the beginning when it told me to pick a name so I’m stuck with a really long numeric name so please add option to change name!! 🙁 Updating my review! - after playing some more I was given the option to change my name. So alllll good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


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I love this game and I think everything is great. Many of my friends tell me that this game is filled with bots. I could understand maybe a certain amount of them is bots. What is the percentage exactly?


I asked you kindly to add the ARABIC LANGUAGE in the game as soon as you can please

Lots of problems

I have to launch the app like 14 times to get it to work and it crashes a lot. For people who can aim fast on a mobile device, mobile is way too easy. I have 0 wins on console, and I have 16 games played and 14 wins on mobile!

Awesome but one thing missing

This game is the best game I have on mobile because I can’t get fortnite. PUBG has entertained me so much and it is such an awesome game. I recommend this game to anyone. The one thing missing is in the settings, I can’t get 60fps on my iPod 6. Maybe this will be a future feature for a lower end device like mine. Other than that it’s a great game!


This game is amazing! Only two things: Make the map WAY smaller. Also, make it so if you find a melé weapon, you can cut trees and build. Fortnite is adding vehicles. Add building. If these were done, I would love it. At this point, Fortnite is way more fun.

Fix this issue please you have to fix’s annoying

Please fix lag of scopes on iPad air 2.when i go to forests,all scopes will be lagging.


Add arabic language in the game please



It’s gud

Amazing game if your on the go and craving that chicken dinner

Bro all y’all need to do to beat fortnite

Y’all need to add in more stuff to buy that ant just clothes make so u can customize 💯🤤😴🔥👍👍👍👍👍

BeTer than fortnite at least

I wouldn’t exactly say to release this game into mobile as the controls are slightly hard to get into. Sometimes the graphics aren’t that good that I can’t tell if someone’s hiding or not. Nevertheless it’s still a good game

The thing we needed

The thing we need is we need a FPS mode cause if we don’t have the FPS mode Rules of Survival would be on the top. The rest are great!!!!!



Very good

You guys should really add zombie mode on mobile

Bluetooth does not work for voice chat

If you own an iPhone 7 or above you will not be able to use Bluetooth headphones to use voice chat. You will be able to hear the game perfectly but when you turn voice chat on, the game mutes itself. I already tried with two different set of Bluetooth headphones with two different iPhone’s. The results are the same.

Great game but I want more

I’m writing this because I want more stuff in the game like game modes or stuff the pc version has in it I would love to have more guns and more chances to get skins for guns but that needs to be added in here I play this almost all the time with my pals and we have fun


The game was doing well when it first came out but you guys have to fix that game right now. Exploiters and Cheaters are spontaneously playing the game and it is ridiculous. I spent so much for the game but yet I can’t enjoy it. They’re ruining the game for us. I chose this game over ROS because ROS has excessively amount of hackers and cheaters. Now they’re here and you guys have to do something about it or this game will be abandoned. I do not blame the game but you guys have the power to fix the issue.( If you guys can’t fix the game and get rid of the hackers then you guys should send all players that exploit so everyone is fair and equal). I recommend you guys having this issue fixed before you guys add more stuff in the game. I Hope You Guys would actually take an action. I appreciate it.

this game is great but...

I want a first person mode so it could look like the xbox one or the pc


I can’t even open it he game it’ll just stall and I have to open and close the app like 10 times or more

No controller support

Would be much better with my controller


I would have gave it 5 stars the game is great if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t play anymore because it lags and the app would not even let me get to the loading screen

I need help

Hi, I have a little problem and everything is going right until I get a human and the game gets stuck, it does not seem to matter but I can not defend myself during a fight. my name is "CRACK3r" and if necessary my ID is "5118185233". I’m playing in a iPhone 6 (IOS 11)



This game is good but

This game is hard to control when your trying to land and while your landing you can’t move forward to the place your landing


Is there gonna be a fp update?

Pub g

This game only works when it wants it’s terrible


Playing solo mode, I’ve noticed some enemies (bots) would just roam around in a circle in a general area. And when you sit there and watch them, that’s all they do. If you happen to come out of cover, even for a little bit, the split second you come out, they instantly turn on you and shoot at you. So far I like the game but the bots in solo really make it not as fun.


This game is awsome and good in a way but pls add FPS as a switch to u can switch to FPS and Third Person switch that would make it even better

Best game but the size is very big

The size of this game is becoming bigger and bigger


Wow never has there been a game so fun like this one awesome game I love it good game and addictive 😍

I hate the game

I don’t like the game at all and it’s so laggy I can’t kill anybody because of the lag and I can’t drive cars because this is so bad

First person mode please

This game is really hood but please add all the stufff that is in pc mode such as extra items and scopes and attachments. Also I’m begging for y’all to please add on first person mode just please. By the way this is a follow up on my previous one.

Where is the trash can??

This game is terrible. When I put it on pro I get paired up with mental teammates that are impossible to carry because they are so dumb. I have to face entire squads on my own with my teammates dead only seconds after they drop. Pregame all of my teammates spam requests for me to follow them. That was just the players. I have a lot more problems with this game. The graphics are stunningly ugly. It looks like someone gave a baby a picture of the normal game to make a new version of. The gameplay is so... just...bad. Half the time when I try to auto run I will just stop and if I am running to cover in a fight I will Die. Overall if you want to play a battle Royale game you should play Fortnite. -it has perfect graphics, almost the same as the normal game’s. -it has better players, that actually know how to play. -better controls, even if you don’t like the way they are laid out you can move them around, unlike PUBG’s.

Very good and a complaint

Previously I had downloaded pubg mobile half way in s1 and had saved onto my Facebook and played a lot to the point of were I was play one in about 3 weeks and having to go school everyday till 3pm after a while I got bored and stoped for about week and when I went to go on and play with my friend my account was gone completely I tried to log on to my Facebook and it gone completely everything and had spent about 11 dollars on the game maybe more and that’s my complaint next time can you please fix this glitch so if you can fix so I doesn’t happen again FYI I don’t even if has to do with game it be the app itself

By Cooper Flavin(Cooper D Flav)

For the next update u should make it so that if u pick up some clothing in the battle part of the game u can buy them for. 300 BP.

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when y’all gonna update yalls boof a** app ? Keeps crashing and taking 10+ mins just to load. Fix please big fan of the game but can’t compete in diamond + under these conditions


Such a awesome cool best game ever love it!!😎❤️

Streamer fireproof mask

How do you get the the streamer fireproof mask? Been trying to find out.

Good game but always crashes

I just wish it wouldn't crash so much , I really enjoy the game though :((


I love this game it’s amazing, but at least have the limit of six friends. I can never join all my friends because I have four already and I can’t join.

Step it Up

Long story short PubG is absolutely horrendous and here’s why, first of the game lags ode. It’s gameplay is dumb everyone just camps. It’s no fun. Fortnite tho they got it right. Pubg step it up please, terrible.

Not so fun any more!

Have played for 60 days straight and it was awesome! But I have deleted the game for two reasons. 1, l witnessed two separate incidents where the squad I was assigned too, had players that intentionally attacked one of their squad members... one was a girl who the two other males beat with their frying pans and laughed as she died. The next incident had a player who intentionally ran over two of his team mates yelling religious text and stood there watching them die and then took all of their equipment and ran off yelling more religious texts. 2. The game matching is now terrible. You are penalized for the rest of your squad or duo partners not performing....matching players skills is non existent. Beware.


I would love to write a review for this game. Looks great in the preview but unfortunately it crashes at the Tencent logo. Won’t load at all.

Good game

Dis game very bad because it is bad

Freezes sometimes

I gave u guys 4stars bc The game itself it’s absolute great. But it needs an updated every now and then, it freezes when I try loading the game before it gets to the main menu or on the main menu where it asks if I want to be a gust or not

I Kill 20 per Game

I kill 20 per game


I don’t think people know this but the mobile game has bots which kills the game experience.

Best Battle Royale game

This game is fun to play with friends and by your self. But I wish that you can go into first person

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